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Estate Planning


In many cases classic car collections are a substantial part of an estate. Our services allow a collector to enjoy their collection as long a s possible while giving the family peace of mind of how to handle the liquidation of the asset. Some families retain part of the collection but rarely all of it. Most collections end up at an auction without proper preparation and representation. Often it is the wrong auction in the wrong time slot with the cars not detailed and running at their best. Results are disappointing. Some collections are better suited to private sales instead of the auction approach. Our 50 plus years of experience will maximize the return on the asset for your family.

Our Services Include:
• Total preparation of your collection for liquidation
• Marketing privately or at auction
• Transporting the collection to the right auction, the right time slots with a reserve (minimum acceptable price)
• Being onsite to properly represent each car and negotiate with the auction company for best results
• Collecting and dispersing the funds with full disclosure

We are a Licensed and Bonded retail auto dealer and have a 17-year relationship with the largest collector car auction company in the United States with over 12 auctions across the US annually.
We will represent your collection with honesty and dignity. Several of our customers have specified our services as a part of their estate plan.

Call us to discuss your collection:  Chris 303.475.8610  or  Brett  303.475.4544