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About Us - Let our experience improve your experience

The passion for classic cars runs deep in our family.  For me it began in High School fixing up an old affordable car, driving it for a while and moving on to a better one.

Eventually JoAnn and I restored a 1965 Corvette and joined the National Corvette Restorer’s Society (NCRS) in 1980.  I judged Corvettes nationally, JoAnn did operational checks and we both helped organize the NCRS events.

Brett was born into the car hobby, literally…after his birth, we brought him home from the hospital in our restored 1965 Corvette! At a very early age he began helping us in the shop on Corvette projects, he really didn’t have a choice, it was in his DNA, and he became “a car guy”.  His mechanical aptitude and passion for classis cars is well established.  Brett completed a 4 year degree in Automotive Industry Management from Colorado State University in 2001.  Upon graduation, I thought he would consider joining my Real Estate business which I could eventually turn over to him.  He had no interest, he suggested we make our passion, our business!  After 30 years as a managing broker it seemed like a good time for a change and moved forward with Auto Source which we renamed to Timeless Horse Power!  Today, Brett’s wife Sheila is also “car crazy”, along with his little girl Lucy.  The family love of cars continues.

The gratifying side of our business is to search out exceptionally high quality collectible cars, improve them and find the right home for them. Our customers vary from the person with over a hundred classic cars to the individual who has never owned an old car.  They usually want to get involved in the “cruise nights”, car shows, or social side of the hobby.  Often times the customer will trade the car back to us and “move up”.

We believe the hobby is more about the people than the cars.  Dozens of old friendships have emerged from our business and hobby, friendships that reach around the world.

Our business is a small family business.  We have our shop where we spend time on every car and give it our personal attention to detail, thus maintaining the level of quality that our friends and customers expect.  Many of our customers come to us through our network of friends and family and long time customers.

The collector car market remains active and healthy.  We speak to people of all ages that want to acquire a classic car and be part of the hobby.  Classic cars are a tangible asset to be enjoyed and have proven to be a good investment also!

Chris & Brett Watson